Aurora Arktika is a small operation that focuses on having a sailboat (the Aurora) as a “movable hut”  that takes us to the backcountry. Which in this case is hardly inaccessible by other means. During the day we go out side and play, then come back to eat and sleep.

The founders of this operation are Capt. Sigurður Jónsson (Siggi) and my father Rúnar Óli Karlsson. The latter as since then left the boat and is focusing on running another operation of theres, Borea Adventures.

I started working on the Aurora in 2011 and always come back for more. Being on that boat with Siggi is one of the most fun one can do.

The Aurora operates in the Glacierfjords of Hornstrandir. Where I have been going on trips since I was a child and it is also where my family roots lie. So I can truly say that when I am there I feel right at home. 

Siggi himself is a man to be looked up to. He is probably the most qualified sailor in Iceland. Being an educated Ocean Yacht Master, Engineer, Naval Architect and commercial fishing Capt. If that wasn't enough, he can cook the best lamb soup you will ever have!