It felt a little strange going back to school although this one is a little out of the ordinary. 

Before I went to Canada I still could not believe this was happening and did not know what to expect. Preparing I spent most of my time studying, practicing knots, putting up rope rescue pulley systems, reading, physical training and swearing over my winter plan. This is why:

Flying Iceland - Canada with a return (two times) costs a lot so I thought “best to make it count”. Why not adding four CAA (Canadian Avalanche Association) courses and a Diploma in Tourism Management and Cooperation at Bifröst University all along with the ACMG program? “Well why not, sounds great! Self high five!” I thought to myself. 

Should have given myself a “self slap in the face” instead, because this was indeed going to be a tight busy schedule:

Having not been to Canada a lot and overestimating the reliability and efficiency of the great and legendary Grey Hound Bus system. I thought to my self “Damn I’m smart!” and as it turns out, I wasn’t… 

This uber plan of mine basically meant that I was going to spend days on end in a bus, raising my stress level to something that is “pretty high up there” (if you ask me) and having to study like a boss.

After I realised this there was no turning back. I had already spent time applying, getting references, writing letters, signed and payed. I just had to accept it. The worst thing is that I couldn't even blame it on someone else… This was entirely my fault. Ohh well, “þetta reddast” which basically means that the best thing I could do was to smile at the world and hoped it smiled back. 

What does an Icelander do when he meets a bear in the forest? Nothing, there are no bears in Iceland (or forests for that matter) so naturally the Icelander pretends that the bear did not see him. 

Luckily, the bear did not see this Icelander and the world smiled back. This time!