Borea Adventures is founded by my father, Rúnar Óli Karlson and his friend Sigurður Jónsson. Rúnar is a avid mountaineer, skier and adventure seeker. He grew up in the outdoors constantly exploring new ways to have fun. It doesn't even matter if the weather is bad, if you want, he will go out and play. 

The hiking side of the operation offers multiple trips in the Hornstrandir nature reserve. Hornstrandir is the most isolated places in Iceland and parts of it where the last ever to be settled. Now the area has been abandoned completely and was turned into a nature reserve by the farmers who once lived there. 


When traveling here you are truly at the mercy of the weather, forecasts are usually not accurate and the only way in or out is by boat. However if you are lucky you are going to witness the views of a lifetime walking from bay to bay where nothing is the same as the other. You might even see an arctic fox.